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The Jane Bugay Award was established in 1972 to honor Jane Bugay, charter member of the Community Light Opera and Theatre Association. Jane was active in community affairs: she played violin with the community orchestra, served as a Brownie leader, and was active in PTA. Her husband was Chief Administrator of Ridgecrest Community Hospital. Jane served on the CLOTA Board for several years and was secretary at the time of her death. She was killed in a car accident, along with one of her children, on April 1,1972. The impact of her death on CLOTA members was significant, since Jane was respected and admired for her devotion to getting in there and doing whatever needed to be done. CLOTA was also a very young organization then and this was the first time we experienced the pain of "losing one of our own." Jane never performed on stage, nor did she take a directorial or key staff role in CLOTA productions. However, she worked on every show in some way - makeup, props. Costumes, orchestra, publicity, during her involvement with CLOTA. As a member of the CLOTA Board of Directors for several years, she took an active role. Jane Bugay was one of the first board members to look beyond just doing productions, to see what the greater possibilities for CLOTA were. The developments of a "hospitality" function, baking cookies to be sold during intermission, and selling tickets at the door were her ideas. The Jane Bugay Award was established by the 1972 Board of Directors to honor the work and spirit of this dedicated woman. Members of that board were: Alan Paulsen (President), John Anderson, Vivian Childers, Vern Green, Russ Parker, Ralph Rungo. Larry Sawyer, John Wooldridge, and D. June Renfro, who assumed Jane's position as board member and secretary.

The first (1972) Jane Bugay Award was presented to Vivian Childers in 1973. Vivian received an individual trophy. The large plaque to which the names of new awardees are added each year was first developed and presented when Ed Romero received the award for 1973. This plaque is given to the recipient to keep and display until the next recipient is announced. Occasionally, recipients have been given an individual plaque as well. But there has not been a specific policy about this. The award has been presented every year since 1972, although there is no requirement that the award be given every year. At one time CLOTA presented a scholarship to a graduating Burroughs High School student in Jane Bugay's name.


Jane Bugay Award Recipients

1972 Vivian X. Childers

1973 Eduardo Romero

1974 Vernon Green

1975 Carol Porter

1976 Larry Sawyer

1977 Florence Green

1978 Eleanor Lotee

1979 Paul Riley

1980 Liz Babcock

1981 Ted Lotee

1982 Walt Koerschner

1983 Nancy Guy

1984 Elena Vitale

1985 Sherry Parker

1986 Russell Parker

1987 Alex. W. Bellen

1988 Tricia Siegel

1989 Ken/Kathy Armstrong

1990 Karen Buehler

1991 Jay Chun

1992 Suzanne Koerschner

1993 Judy Ditzler

1994 Reno Venturi

1995 Ann Roseman

1996 Bill Farris

1997 Clyde/Bonnie Irvine

1998 Deanna Ripley-Lotee

1999 Rod Ditzler

2000 Rick Haydu

2001 Bill Blanc

2002 Greg Cote

2003 Mary Kubin

2004 Richard C. Jackson

2005 Dorothy Saitz

2006 Janis Jamison-Nichols

2007 Kim Harris

2008 -- Annie Blanc

2009 -- Louise McIntosh

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