Purpose: To be awarded to the individual (or individuals) that have dedicated their energies to CLOTA's productions.

Background: Florence Green, one of the founders and co-creators of the Community Light Opera and Theatre Association, Inc., (CLOTA) helped this organization to create a place for people to do theatre. Most of Flo's energies have been extended to making a lively, full, educational theatrical space and gathering community involvement into the Theatre. She has directed and acted in many productions since 1964 and performed numerous backstage tasks for CLOTA productions including set construction, storage, costumes, make-up, lighting, etc., giving freely of her time and energies so that CI.OTA would have quality productions, to perform for the community.

Separate award from the Jane Bugay in that it is solely production related.

Criteria: This award may be given in recognition for contributions to the entire production or to a singular aspect of the production, which an individual has been keenly responsible. Individual has worked in most. Avenues of productions relating to getting the "show on the boards." This includes all backstage efforts (technical direction, set construction costumes, make-up, props, lighting, total concept) or any individual effort performed through numerous productions over the years.

This award does not have to be awarded every year.

Voting policy: Nominations will be taken from Board, members. Board members may solicit candidates and criteria from membership though not actively (no ads, no announcements). Hoard members may nominate more than one individual. Voting will be by secret ballot Voting will continue until there is one recipient by a 70% majority of voting Board members. If there is no clear 70% with two recipients remaining, than both will receive the award. No more than two awards will be given each year.

Florence Green Production Awards

1994 Kathy Armstrong & Rick Haydu

1995 Judy Ditzler & Reno Venturi

1996 Rod Ditzler & Ann Roseman

1997 Paul Riley & Sherry Parker

1998 Steven Green & Gilbert Breitenstein

1999 Liz Babcock & Dorothy Saitz

2000 Michael Roberts & Janis Jamison

2001 Annie Blanc

2002 Rich Jackson & Dan Peterson

2003 Larry Lier & Bill Gormley

2004 Bill Blanc & Vivian Childers

2005 Greg Cote' & Vince Homer

2006 Kim Harris & Louise McIntosh

2007 Barbara Roberts & Robin Moen

2008 -- Carrie Trickey & Stacey D. Shoaf

2009 -- Trish Modlinski & Greg McAllister

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