This is a new award that we established for 2005

The Firecracker Award is to honor a newcomer to CLOTA who “bursts onto the scene” through working on nearly everything during the year:  shows, committees, work days and other activities.  This allows special recognition of someone who has been involved in CLOTA no more than two years but who has worked very hard, with a catching enthusiasm, during that time.

This award will be given only when someone fits the above description.  It does not have to be awarded every year.

The Board president may take nominations from Board members, show directors and committee heads.  More than one individual may be nominated.  Discussion and voting will take place no later than the December meeting of the Board. The number of awards given each year will be at the discretion of the Board.


2005 - Angie Pritchard                                                2010 - Krysten Coursey

2006 - Matthew Trickey                                              2012 - Mary Valentine

2007 - Joshua Haefele                                                 2013 – Chalen Wilson

2008 - Tomas Cozine




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