PURPOSE: To honor the most outstanding CLOTA volunteer of the calendar year. This award honors its namesake Carol Venturi who always volunteered for most any task to help the CLOTA organization.

BACKGROUND: Carol Venturi was an active member of CLOTA, giving selflessly to the organization. She held several positions while associated with CLOTA including being on the Board of Directors, helping with CLOTA's promotional and being CLOTA's official greeter at major productions.

CRITERIA: This award will be given to one person per year (ties not withstanding); nominated and voted on by the major committee chairs, functional chairs and Production Directors. The individual will be one who selflessly volunteers for any job required by CLOTA and performs tasks for the sake of helping the organization further its mission.


Honoree will be nominated and voted on by Production directors and by committee heads and key CLOTA positions, as determined by the Board of Directors. Nominations will include anyone the nominators believe typifies this award. Each nominator may only nominate one individual. Since the Awards Chair will conduct voting, nominations may not include the Awards Chair. Only the Awards Chair will know final vote. Honoree may not win more than once and will be chosen by a simple majority ballot vote.


Awards Chair will ask all Nominators for nominations in early November of every calendar year. Nominators will respond within 2 weeks. Awards Chair will send final ballots to Nominators who will respond within 2 weeks. Awards Chair will tally and determine final outcome to be presented at Awards Banquet.

Carol Venturi Volunteer Award

1997 - Reno Venturi

1998 - Louise McIntosh

1999 - Judy Ditzler

2000 - Chas McIntosh

2001 - Ted & Eleanor Lotee

2002 - Rod Ditzler

2003 - Barbara Roberts

2004 - Ann Roseman

2005 Liz Babcock

2006 Margaret Cornelius

2007 - Carrie Trickey 

2008 - Dorothy Saitz

2009 - Richard Jackson

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